Give your wash a fighting chance! Grime Fighter's boasts two huge (120' x 24') bays to make almost any possible.  If you have a big rigs, farm equipment, trailers, or RV this is the wash center for you.  Why? Let us tell you:

1. Each bay is outfitted with a high volume fire hose system to help you blow off hard packed ice, snow, oil, grease or any variation of grime, quickly and easily.  After all, time is money, especially in trucking.

2. Pressure....we got it.  Hand wand's 1800 PSI!  Good bye bugs, good bye grime.

3. You want to wash to top of your truck or trailer but your not 14' tall? Not an issue, we have a catwalk for that. 

4. Cover you rig in pre-soak suds applied with our soap canons. 

5. We stock best degreasers on the market.

6. Payment options are almost unlimited.  Fleet cards, pre-paid cards, credit cards, etc.  .

7. Truckers don't sleep, so neither do we.  HD Truck bays are open 24/7!

8. Need a shave and a shower after you wash? Be our guest and use our amenities before or after another long day of trucking.

Wainwright, AB, Canada


Tiered of feeling like your washing your car or truck in a cave? Dim lights, dirty walls, and muddy floors making a already tedious job even worse? Not a big fan of rubbing against a muddy wet curtain while you squeeze between your vehicle wall? Welcome to Grime Fighter's Car & Truck Wash where we proudly provide 13,600 Square feet of bright, clean, and spacious awesomeness to clean your vehicle the right way.


Your time is valuable! That's why we offer the best equipment, and the water pressure required to get the job done quick.  Come see why our customers love the extra's we provide to help you get in and get out.

Hand Wash Bays

- Under carriage wash upon entry

- Enjoy 1500 PSI powered by 5 HP high pressure pumps

- dual sided vacuums

- In bay compressed air

- Best in class pre-soak agents, soaps, degreasers, waxes.

Automatic Wash Bay

- 30 hp system offers all the pressure and volume you could need, and more.

- 4 wash cycle options to fit your wash needs and budget

- provides exceptional cleaning by consistently measuring front, rear and both sides of vehicles while offering your customers a friendly, open wash bay without guide rails, floor treadles or T-bars.